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All adult classes that start between 5/1/2024 and 4/30/2025 will be FREE to West Virginia residents.
Requirements outlined below. 



            The Academy of Careers and Technology (ACT) challenges you to compare our value to any other training provider. ACT works very hard to keep the cost of our programs low and to be the best value for the training we offer. Therefore, we are extremely excited to announce the addition of ACE Advantage Funding in collaboration with the West Virginia Department of Education. 


            This last-dollar-in program (while funds are available) will pay no more than 100% of tuition and mandatory fees of your program of choice. The last-dollar-in means all other aid including but not limited to other state grants, federal grants, or scholarships must be applied first.


            ACE Advantage Funding will pay for any remaining balance up to 100% of the cost of your program. This funding is dependent on successful completion of the program and will be applied once that requirement is fulfilled. Successful completion includes Satisfactory Academic Progress. Satisfactory Academic Progress is maintaining a continuous 90% attendance and a continuous “C” average.

You may qualify for ACE Advantage Funding if you:

  • Were a legal resident of West Virginia for at least 1 year immediately before applying.

  • Are a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen for federal financial aid.

  • Are a graduate of a public, private or homeschool program, or have successfully passed a high school equivalency test.

  • Meet the minimum admissions requirements for program of interest.

  • Are in compliance and maintain ACT’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policy for the program of choice.

  • Have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (*FAFSA*); Including completing verification. (Must use if qualify)                                                     *(as required to cover the entire length of your program)* 

  • Have completed the HEAPS (Must use if qualify) and ACE Advantage Funding application for the program of choice. 

You will have to meet a few simple requirements to be eligible for ACE Advantage Funding.

These requirements include:

  • Completing an annual Free Application for Federal Student Aid (*FAFSA*)                      *(as required to cover the entire length of your program)*

  • Complete the HEAPS and the ACE Advantage Funding application before the program starts.

  • Successfully complete enrollment requirements for your program of choice.

  • Maintaining compliance with ACT’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for the program of choice.

  • Complete your program.

The state of West Virginia is investing taxpayer dollars to help you gain the experience and training you need to land a rewarding career. You will not be required to repay the money you received through Ace Advantage Funding. But if you do not complete the enrollment period you lose eligibility and the funding will not be applied to your account. This may leave a balance on your account that you will be responsible to pay. You will be ineligible to attend ACT until your account is paid in full.

Applying for the ACE Advantage Funding is easy!

Follow these simple steps and you'll be on your way to an exciting new career.

  1. First visit to find a program that's right for you, then print the Enrollment Check Sheet and follow the steps.

  2. Next, visit us at and click Complete your FAFSA application then click Apply for HEAPs WD (Appling for HEAPs WD is Not required if applying for Phlebotomy. Phlebotomy uses HEAPs PT and will file in ACT’s office). It doesn't cost anything, and you might find out you're eligible for other scholarships or grants!

  3. Once that application is submitted and sent to ACT scroll to the bottom of ACT’s Financial-aid page and complete the I Have Applied section.

  4. Apply for ACE Advantage Funding during registration. It only takes about 5 minutes to complete the application, so what are you waiting for?

  5. Begin your journey! Whether you are a recent high school graduate attending postsecondary education for the first time or a working adult looking for a new career, the faculty and staff at ACT are ready to help make your transition to your new life as smooth as possible. If you need help, just ask! 


  • Is there a deadline?   The preferred deadline is 6-weeks prior to the program start date. But applications are accepted up to 2 weeks prior to the program start date. There are steps that must be completed before the program begins (application, verification, etc.) so you should submit the application early and at least 2 weeks before your program begins.


  • What do I have to do to apply?   You must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at, complete the HEAPS application and ACT’s ACE Advantage Funding application at registration.


  • What does the application cover?   Up to 100% of tuition, books and mandatory fees of your program of choice.


  • If I have a degree already, am I eligible?    Yes


  • If I am in default or have been in default on a student loan, am I eligible for ACE Advantage Funding?    Yes, application for Federal Financial aid is required but, eligibility is not.


  • What does ACE Advantage Funding cover?    It pays up to 100% of tuition and mandatory fees of your program of choice after all other aid and scholarships are applied.


  • What does "last dollar" mean?    We take tuition and mandatory fees then subtract federal and state scholarships and grants. If there is a remaining balance, then ACE Advantage Funding will be applied to the balance up to 100% of tuition, books and mandatory fees of your program of choice.


  • Do I have to use my Federal Pell Grant or Heaps before using the ACE Advantage Funding?    Yes, if you are eligible for Federal Pell Grant, HEAPS Part-time Grant, HEAPS Workforce, vocational rehabilitation, WIA, etc., then you must utilize those funds before ACE Advantage Funding would be applied to remaining tuition and mandatory fees. If you decide to defer any of the above-mentioned funds, you are not eligible for ACE Advantage Funding.


  • Do I have to be a West Virginia resident to receive ACE Advantage Funding? ACE Advantage Funding is only available to West Virginia residents. To be eligible for funding, the student must be a U.S. citizen and have resided in West Virginia for a minimum of one year immediately preceding the application.

  • Do I have to successfully complete the program?  Yes, if for any reason you do not complete the program then you are not eligible for the ACE Advantage Funding.


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