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Computer Systems Repair Technology

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An IT (information technology) specialist works with computers. The job tasks can include installing and repairing hardware, designing and implementing networks, and assisting users in the completion of various tasks. Generally, an information technology specialist has a wide range of computer abilities and works in several capacities inside an IT department.

Beyond the job’s focus on computers, the average information technology specialist typically needs a wide range of skills. On the hardware side, the IT department designs, and sometimes installs, network infrastructure and builds or upgrades computer systems. When dealing with software, there are a huge range of jobs they may need to do. They include installing and uninstalling software packages, troubleshooting and repairing malfunctioning systems and building and maintaining databases.

This program can be completed in one year (540 clock hours).

Class starts in August each year.

Monday-Friday 7:25 AM-10:15 AM

Required Courses:

  • Security+

  • CompTIA A+ Core 1

  • CompTIA A+ Core 2

  • Networking+


  • CompTIA A+ (Computer Repair Certification)

  • PC Pro TestOut


Sample Job Titles

Computer Repair Technician, Computer User Support Specialists and Network Support Technician

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