Charles Pack Director of Career and Technical Education/Principal cmpack@k12.wv.us ext. 306

Jeff Lacy Assistant Principal jlacy@k12.wv.us ext. 307

Kevin Bolen Adult Education Coordinator kebolen@k12.wv.us ext. 305



Charles Fuller School Counselor cefuller@k12.wv.us ext. 328

Candace Crouse Job Placement Coordinator cncrouse@k12.wv.us ext. 304

Sarah Rahal Vocational Specialist srahal@k12.wv.us ext. 338

Melani Hylton Financial Aid Counselor mhylton@k12.wv.us ext. 302

Jeannine Ramsey School Nurse angela.priddy@k12.wv.us ext. 352

Michelle Farmer Communities in Schools Site Coordinator louressia.farmer@k12.wv.us ext. 357

Robin Walton Accountant/Secretary rlwalton@k12.wv.us ext. 303

Katlyn Richardson LPN/Secretary kdrichardson@k12.wv.us ext. 353/301

Kelly Legg Attendance/Secretary kelly.legg@k12.wv.us ext. 301

Melissa Hendrick LPN Evening Secretary melissa.hendrick@k12.wv.us ext. 301

Steve Simmerman Custodian  

Bob Lahman Custodian 


Shannon Bailey Adult Education Instructor shannon.bailey@k12.wv.us 304-256-3964

Denise Ballard Adult Education Instructor sdballard@k12.wv.us

Tammy Toney Adult Education Instructor tammy.toney@k12.wv.us 304-256-3964

Michael Meador Automotive Technology michael.meador@k12.wv.us ext. 321

Shane Treadway Building Maintenance and Operations dtreadway@k12.wv.us ext. 329

Robert Schmid III Career Exploration robert.schmid@k12.wv.us ext. 325

Scott Pack Carpentry sapack@k12.wv.us ext. 327

Jeff Harrah Collision Repair Technology jlharrah@k12.wv.us ext. 345

Lauren Adkins Computer Aided Drafting and Design/Project Lead The Way lauren.adkins@k12.wv.us ext. 334

Mark Wray Computer Systems Repair Technology mdwray@k12.wv.us ext. 337

Celeste Robinson Cosmetology celeste.robinson@k12.wv.us ext. 326

Ann Thomas Cosmetology amthomas@k12.wv.us ext. 326

Heather Fogus Dental Assisting heather.fogus@k12.wv.us ext. 341

Diesel Equipment Technology ext. 331

Richard Snuffer Electrical Technician richard.snuffer@k12.wv.us ext. 322

Chad Cox EMT/Firefighting chad.cox@k12.wv.us ext. 354

Heather James English/Career Technical Education heather.james@k12.wv.us ext. 336

David Richmond Law & Public Safety drichmon@k12.wv.us ext. 333

James Hughes Math/Career Technical Education james.m.hughes@k12.wv.us ext. 349

Andrea Martin Medical Assisting amartin@k12.wv.us ext. 324

Tamie League Option Pathway tleague@k12.wv.us  ext.339

Beverly Mamone Option Pathway bmamone@k12.wv.us ext. 339

Joyce Rollins Phlebotomy Technician (Evening) jrollins@k12.wv.us ext. 347

Daniel Harper Plumbing d.harper@k12.wv.us ext. 361

Michele Harless Practical Nursing Evening-Coordinator myharless@k12.wv.us ext. 309

Coralee Hatcher Practical Nursing--Coordinator ckhatcher@k12.wv.us ext. 343

Elizabeth Lawrence Practical Nursing elawrence@k12.wv.us ext. 332

Charity Riggs Practical Nursing charity.riggs@k12.wv.us ext. 308

Denise Thomas Practical Nursing denise.thomas@k12.wv.us ext. 320

ProStart Restaurant Management ext. 350

Shawna Lilly Therapeutic Services tmdavis@k12.wv.us ext. 319

Carmen McGuire Truck Driving Lead Instructor carmen.mcguire@k12.wv.us ext. 342

Jason Hatfield Welding jshatfie@k12.wv.us ext. 330