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2024 Beckley Area Foundation Scholarships

Click here for the Application

BAF provides oversight for over 195 scholarship funds established by individuals, firms and organizations wishing to assist students in furthering their education. While the majority of scholarships benefit Raleigh County applicants, there are scholarships designated for Fayette, Mercer, Monroe, Summers, Webster, and Wyoming students.

BAF’s application process uses a ‘universal approach’ allowing the applicant to be directed to multiple scholarship opportunities, for which they are eligible, while completing only one common application. Applications are due at 11:59pm on March 1st!

Attention:  When you get to the part of the application for High School Attendance choose the name of your home high school.  When you get to the part of the application for Other High School make sure you type ACT into that box.  There is a scholarship just for ACT students so to be considered for this scholarship you must type in ACT under the Other High School box.

2024 Albert Yanni Scholarship

Click here for the Application

The Albert Yanni Scholarship Application is now open! This scholarship provides high-quality career and technical education (CTE) students with an opportunity to pursue advanced education and/or training related to their career aspirations.


A one-time scholarship of $2,000.00 will be awarded to students selected by a committee of West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) personnel. Applicants must complete the Albert Yanni Scholarship Application form. All applications will be scored on academic eligibility and the submission of a video about what CTE has taught them.  A link for the Academic Eligibility form is below. Applicants that are selected must present proof that they have maintained their eligibility requirements before awards are presented. For more information on the application process and video submission requirements, click here. For questions, please call the Office of Career Technical Education at (304) 558-2389.


Please note, the application must be received by April 15, 2024.

Academic Eligibility Form

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