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Brickmasons, block masons, and stonemasons create attractive, durable surfaces and structures. For thousands of years, these workers have built buildings, fences, roads, walkways, and walls using bricks, concrete blocks, and natural stone. The structures that they build will continue to be in demand for years to come. The work varies in complexity, from laying a simple masonry walkway to installing an ornate exterior on a high rise building. Workers cut or break the materials used to create walls, floors, and other structures. Once their building materials are properly sized, they are laid with or without a binding material. Workers use their own perceptions and a variety of tools to ensure that the structure meets the desired standards. After they finish laying the bricks, blocks, or stone, the workers clean the finished product with a variety of cleaning agents.

This program can be completed in two years (1080 clock hours).

Class starts in August each year.

Students can TABE test starting in April and register in July.

Financial Aid

The Masonry program qualifies for Pell, Heaps, VA, WIOA and WV Vocational Rehabilitation. These are Grants not Loans. ACT does not offer any student loan options.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

To meet SAP, a student must:

  • Maintain a continuous "C" average.

  • Attend at least 90% of the program hours for each grading period.

  • Maintain a continuous 90% attendance rate for the program.

  • Complete the course within the originally scheduled course hours.

Refund Policy

During the first enrollment period 1 to 945 hours

There is no refund for fees after the start of class! There is a 100% refund on tuition during the first five days of the program! There is a 50% refund on tuition during day 6 thru day 10 of the program! After day 10 of the program there is No Refund!!

During the second enrollment period 945 to 1890 hours

There is No Refund once the second enrollment period starts!

Enrollment Procedures



       Must be 18 years old

       High school diploma or WV approved equivalent


Start Here

       Call (304) 256-3964 to schedule your free TABE required entrance exam

       Complete your Financial Aid Applications. 

               For Pell Grant visit:

    ACT's ID 015748

               For HEAPS Grant visit:

       Notify ACT's financial aid department that your applications are filed. 


Once Financial Aid Applications Are Received

       You will be contacted by ACT's financial aid office.

       You must supply any required documentation to complete financial aid.

       You should have completed your twelve hours with Adult Education. 



Final Steps

       You've been accepted into the program.

       You've completed the required twelve hours with Adult Education.

       You've completed all requirements with financial aid. 

             You will be contacted by ACT's financial aid office to sign:     

          Award Letter

          Cost Sheet


      Attend the Mandatory orientation.

       Bring the following with you:

          High School Diploma or WV Approved Equivalent

          Social Security Card

          Photo ID

          Non-Refundable Registration of $175 (must be exact change/check)

          Certificate of Health Form

          Required Head Shot Photo 



Start Class

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