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Adults may attend high school programs for free.

The only prerequisites will be:

  1. Completing the TABE exam and required 12 hours.

  2. Complete a background check in which the school will register the student for but, the student will pay for.


The student must also understand:

  1. Available space is on a first come first serve basis.

  2. Adults are only accepted if there is space not occupied by high school students.

  3. High school students get first preference.

  4. Adult students will follow all rules and regulations that high school students follow and that a few rules may be more stringent for adult students.

To review 

Printable Adult Enrollment Check Sheet

Satisfactory Academic Progress

To meet SAP, a student must:

  • Maintain a continuous "C" average.

  • Attend at least 90% of the program hours for each grading period.

  • Maintain a continuous 90% attendance rate for the program.

  • Complete the course within the originally scheduled course hours.

Enrollment Procedures



       Must be 18 years old

       High school diploma or WV approved equivalent


Start Here

       Request TABE Exam



Continue Steps

       Complete TABE exam

       Complete the required 12 hours


Final Steps

       You have completed the required twelve hours with Adult Education.

       Contact us (304) 256-4615 Ext. 302 or



          High School Diploma or WV Approved Equivalent

          Social Security Card

          Photo ID

       The student must also understand:

          Available space is on a first come first serve basis.

          High schools students get first preference.

          High school schedules change for the first few weeks of school and 

                  adult students may have to relinquish their seat.

          Must follow all rules and regulations that the high school students




Start Class

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